Our Story

October 8, 2018

Monday, October 8, 2018, our 17 year old son (brother) Paul died by suicide. One  night we were flipping between Harry Potter and the baseball playoffs. 

The next day he was gone. 

Why Us?

We have always referred to ourselves as "average Joe & Sue." We were just a regular family with hopes and dreams. We thought we were pretty happy.

Now we find ourselves lost in

unspeakable darkness.

Without Warning

Did Paul ask for help?

Did we just not hear it?

Could we have changed this catastrophe?

We'll never know.

Finding Hope

 On this unmarked path, each step we take is the farthest we've been from home.  Our goal is to create opportunities for teens and loved ones to connect authentically and communicate honestly with each other... without judgement.

Paul is our guide.