In early 2018, we started dabbling in screen printing.  We asked Marc and Paul to come up with a shirt idea so that we could practice.  Paul came home one afternoon in the Spring and said, “I have my shirt idea!” CVU baseball season had just started.  The team had spent that day’s practice developing a team covenant to guide the season. Paul came up with his own personal covenant: G.H.O.S.T.  - an acronym to remind himself to be Genuine*, Honest, Observant, Strong and Trustworthy.  Paul never finalized his design. After his death, we worked with JV Embroidery to create the first G.H.O.S.T. shirt. There were 200 printed for Paul's visiting hours.  We hope to make more in the future.

*Paul's original word was Gentle.  Replaced when Atlantic Challenge teammate Jonathan called him Genuine.


My Boy


Video created by brother Marc for Paul's visting hours. 

In this video,  Marc captures the joyful essence of our boy Paul.